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Virtualize your Terminal Server applications, it’s free!

Although this was announced about a year ago, about 75% of customers I talk to have never tested Microsoft App-V (Application Virtualization), don’t know what it is,  don’t know what the main benefits are and don’t know that they have already licensed the right to use App-V.

That’s right, if you own 2008 TS/RDS CALs, users/devices of those licenses are entitled to access aplications virtualized with App-V that are running “on the Terminal Server”


So what specific benefits are there to running applications sequenced (packaged) by App-V (0n Terminal Server | RD Session Host)? 

  • Application Compatibility (with other applications).  Historically companies have maintanied silos of Terminal Servers that were application specific because the apps were not compatible “with eachother”, for example different versions of Microsoft Office, Java, Acrobat Reader… Notice that I mentioned application cobpatibility with other applications, and NOT with the operating system.  App-V is not an AppCompat tool to get apps to work on an unsupported OS. So what’s the big problem with silo-ing applications on TS?  Well it comes down to the number of TS one needs to maintain, and that means more time, more server hardware and more cost. This also means less regression testing which leads into the next bullet.
  • Ease of Application Deployment, Updates, Roll-backs. When installing applications via MSI or EXE on a Terminal Server, best practice is to drain the server of user sessions, disable logons, reboot the server, make a backup, install the application, reboot, test, and make another backup before bringing the server back online.  That’s a lot of steps and most of all it includes draining the server of user sessions and multiple reboots.  With App-V new applications can be streamed to the Terminal Server with zero downtime, patched in realtime and rolled back to a previous version if something is wrong with the production version. 

App-V is free for use on TS/RDSH with 2008 RDS CALs, so use it, make your life easier and save a pile of money.

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